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Or are you a student and you would expect to be away during the holidays? Please give us details and dates.


We will provide you with a uniform and a tracksuit to wear for the season. Please indicate roughly what size you think you will need.

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(mens sizes)

Note:These are to give us an indication of numbers to try and have enough available for everyone. However this doesn't guarantee that that your specific size will be available if all players are wanting the same range of sizes.


Wellington East is one of the most successful clubs in Wellington. Much of our strength is because we encourage and support our coaches.  Coaching is an excellent way of improving your own netball skills, as well as developing your communication and leadership experience. If you are interested in coaching, either alone or with another let us know.


All players have to umpire (there are no exceptions). However, you can become an official umpire and the club will pay for any training.

Trial Fee

There is a fee to trial of $10. This is payable when you first register at the trials and before you take the court. Once you are named in a team this amount will come off your club fees.

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